What is the syntax to load multiple images at once?

Dim cntrl as Control
For Each cntrl In <userformname>.Controls 'goes through all controls in form
   If TypeOf cntrl Is Image Then 'if control is image
      cntrl.Picture = LoadPicture(<picture's filepath here>)
   End If
Next 'moves onto next control
'example - updates the tiles (which are images) in a connect-3 game
'there are 90 image controls, all with naming convention: r<row>c<column>
'(ex) r01c01, r01c02, r01c03...r09c10
'there are 7 random colours a tile can be, the random number is stored in a sheet

Private Sub updateDisplay() 'call this procedure whenver display wanted to update
Dim cntrl As Control
Dim rr, cc As Integer 'for rows and columns
Dim strPath(7) As String

strPath(0) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Yellow.jpg"
strPath(1) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Green.jpg"
strPath(2) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Pink.jpg"
strPath(3) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\White.jpg"
strPath(4) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Red.jpg"
strPath(5) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Cyan.jpg"
strPath(6) = "C:\Users\Documents\connect3\images\Orange.jpg"

For Each cntrl In frmConnect.Controls
   If TypeOf cntrl Is Image Then
      'cntrl.Name is in form r01c01, r01c02...r09c10
      rr = Int(Mid(cntrl.Name, 2, 2)) 'returns 3 if r03c04
      cc = Int(Mid(cntrl.Name, 5, 2)) 'returns 4 if r03c04
      cntrl.Picture = LoadPicture(strPath(Cells(rr, cc).Value))
      rr = rr + 1
      cc = cc + 1
   End If
End Sub



What is the syntax to get the date selected for a calendar?

  1. Add a calendar to your userform (for instructions, click here)
  2. As shown in the screenshot below, select your calendar control (default name is always MonthView1)
  3. Select DateClick, as shown circled in red below
  4. A procedure will be auto-generated, containing a parameter called DateClicked
  5. User’s selected date is automatically contained in variable DateClicked