What is the syntax to format number output?

 Format(<value>, "<formatting convention>")
'example - outputs 2
decimalNum = 2.31321
Msgbox Format(decimalNum, "0")


Naming XML Tags


  1. Tags are case-sensitive (ex) <TEST> </test> do not work, but <TEST> </TEST> do
  2. Names may contain letters, numbers, characters
  3. Names cannot start with a number or punctuation character
  4. Names cannot start with XML (regardless of case)
  5. Names cannot contain spaces


  1. Names should be in lowercase
  2. Names should not be overly long
  3. Names should be as descriptive as possible, while being short
  4. Names should avoid using the dash (-) or colon (:) or period (.)
  5. Names should not use unusual characters