What is the syntax to clear an autofilter? (outdated)

Sheets(“<sheet's name>”).Range(“”).AutoFilter Field:=
lastClosetRow = Sheets("Closet").Cells(Worksheets("Closet").Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row ‘finds out how many entries are in the column
rngg = "A2:T" & lastClosetRow
Sheets("Closet").Range(rngg).AutoFilter Field:=2 ‘clears the filter in column B

What is the syntax to clear a range?

'To clear all contents, including styling
Range(“<your range>”).Clear

'To clear only text
Range(“<your range>”).ClearContents
Range(“D:D”).Clear ‘clears column D
Range(“A2:C5”).Clear ‘clears range A2:C5
Range(“B1:B3”, “D1:E5”).Clear ‘clears multiple ranges
Sheets("Input").Range("pasteRange").ClearContents 'clears text only