What is the syntax to return a word mid-sentence?

Mid (str, start, length)
‘str – string/sentence; mandatory parameter
‘start – starting position to return characters; mandatory parameter
‘length – number of characters to return; optional parameter
Mid(“The dog jumps”, 5, 3) ‘returns “dog”

What is the syntax to split a string from the middle?

Mid (String, start, length)
'String - string from which return value is extracted; mandatory parameter
'start - integer of starting position of extraction; mandatory parameter
'length - length of extraction; optional
Dim sentence As String
sentence = "blackgraywhite"
MsgBox (Mid(sentence, 6, 4)) 'gray
MsgBox (Mid(sentence, 1, 5)) 'black
MsgBox (Mid(sentence, 10)) 'white


What is the syntax to split a string from the left?

Left(String, Length)
‘string – string to be searched; mandatory parameter
‘length – integer specifying the number of characters to be returned; mandatory parameter
Dim name As String
name = "Bill Jobs"
MsgBox (Left(name, 4)) 'returns Bill
MsgBox (Left(name, 7)) 'returns Bill Jo
MsgBox (Left(name, 9)) 'returns Bill Jobs